4. Aesthetic matters when it comes to competition

Teaching of Confucianism can be pretty vague to those who are not relevant yet, so let’s start simple and easy.

My ex girl friend used to tell me that there is so much drama going on at her gym. I didn’t ask farther information, but since she was practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I could have guessed that she was talking about dramas deciding who is the alpha male among male members at the gym. I like watching MMA, so I used to wish to learn some MMA someday, so I was collecting some information about the related subjects. I heard American MMA gym is more sporty and athletic while Japanese MMA gym is more thuggish and scary.

So what I wanna do by learning MMA to begin with? Pick a fight on the street? According to my ex, many jujitsu practitioners retire in their early 40s due to knee or elbow problems, yet her father was still on the active list in his 60s. So he was well respected among the gym members according to her. I didn’t want to have resentment by retiring due to injury and become against MMA, so I was brainstorming exit strategy before starting MMA. By collecting data I figured that I need to be somewhat competitive to avoid injury like my ex’s father, so obviously learning MMA seems to require a lot of commitment. You can kind of see this in elite wrestler’s ears. Theirs aren’t swollen up since they rarely get cornered to begin with.

And obviously there is alpha male or at least several top contenders, so I need to be familiar with the logics of dominant male hominid in the group to stay relevant. Just like weak male Chimpanzees avoid serious fight by letting dominant chimpanzee mount on them, I will need to let more experienced fighters feel good about themselves without me getting injured while stealing his tactics. However I only stay this way until I become better than my immediate superior. I wouldn’t challenge him until I become much better than him to avoid getting injured during serious fight and let others to take advantage of my injury. So naturally I stay low profile until I’m super confident about the consequence of the victory and then finally challenge the alpha male at the gym. What if I won? Then I need to be defending my title as a defending champion. Then it’s about how many times I can keep my title. If tired of inside politics, I make enemies outside and by beating them I solidify my position at my gym. At this point, I’m representing this gym, so it’s like I’m semiprofessional. Then what? I start seeing exit strategy now. Become pro and retire, then teach MMA at gym to make a living. How can I earn more? Naturally I have to aim to be champion at least for a short period of time. This way of thinking is important because there are many people out there in the same situation as me, which means I will be ending up top contender probably 3rd at best even if I did my best and it’s going to be only for a very short period of time. So if I aim 3rd place at the beginning, I probably won’t even make it into top 10 therefore I’m irrelevant. And while thinking this far I realize that I’m too old to start MMA to become relevant enough, so I decided to not even start. And there are many people not to even begin fighting in the same logic as mine.

It’s the same logic when establishing dynasty. Barely winning means short life of dynasty, so you better pay attention to the way to win, how much extra energy to go? How far can we go? We will be able to have long lasting dynasty only if we won esthetically. Which one do you think can have longer lasting dynasty? The guy who heard that the emperor has his own harem, so he decided to make revolution happen because he wanted his own harem? Or the other guy who notice the current government is losing it’s control by witnessing the increase in poverty, plagues and floods therefore people are suffering. People rumor that the current dynasty is coming to the end of it’s journey, yet no one try to stand up. Then several intellects insist him to stand up since he’s such a man of virtue, and he decided to stand up for people’s interests. Once revolution succeeded, he was forced to have as many kids as possible because of the reason the first guy doesn’t understand.

Plenty of margin gives winner longer lasting dynasty. Plenty of margin also gives artist to contemplate about esthetic and what it’s really meant for. It’s a lot about how to produce a movie for the audience to witness in as aesthetically versatile contexts as possible.

I mentioned that there must be many hidden but relevant people in their thoughts who come up with the answer that they must aim to come to ruling power if they ever try to be relevant, but instead they decide to do nothing because they realized that they are too old to even begin trying when they reach that conclusion. I want to talk about Chinese idea of “virtue” in those people’s context.

According to “Records of Grand Historian” written by 司馬遷 (Sima Qian), during Chinese mythical era before recorded history, China was said to be governed by 黄帝 (Yellow Emperor) with ideal politics by the notion of virtue. This story exemplify that a man of virtue can establish longer lasting dynasty, however this is more like hind-sight based opinion rather than actual theory. Chinese people judge how virtuous a certain emperor was according to how long his dynasty lasted in practice, so it doesn’t matter how virtuous his behaviors appear to be on the surface. Likewise it doesn’t mean that we are striving after virtue by mimicking how ancient men of virtue behaved on the surface, so we need to be careful of the misconception.

The pivotal point of the longer lasting dynasty lies in personnel affairs directed by the emperor himself. So we can assume that men of virtue have excellent sense of balance, especially when it comes to redistribution of resources. When redistributing, how much to allocate matters, but to whom matters even more. Those who are entrusted especially large amount of resources are given specific roles. This is how the emperor pick executive officers. The executive officer entrusted with the most resources is supposed to be the second most virtuous right next to the emperor, so he is also supposed to be excellent at allocating resources to his direct subordinates. And this structure repeat itself until proper amount of resources are allocated to exactly where and they are needed to be. Thus dynasty functions seemingly perfectly at the beginning, but as time goes on, the emperor start losing his virtue hence his excellent sense of balance when it comes to redistribution of resources, so then they cannot allocate resources as efficiently as they used to. People notice this loss of virtue by witnessing the increase in poverty, plagues and floods. Then they start rumoring the current dynasty is coming to the end of it’s journey. At this point, superior man of virtue try to stand up with the help of unemployed Chinese intellects familiar with the idea of Confucianism yet hiding among ordinary people and they make revolution happen. Then if succeeded, new dynasty takes over.

In Confucianism terms, kings are considered to be superior to supreme leaders. Supreme leader pursues domination by armed force, and even if he is not welcomed by the surrounding, he will be throned by force anyway. He associates his victory with his own capability and failing to associate his victory to his subordinates’ contribution, so he redistribute resources the way he wants rather than the way it is supposed to be. Therefore his dynasty experience a short life. On the other hand, king is let won by surrounding intellects who conclude to either do nothing or try to come to ruling power only if they can be relevant enough, and they find that becoming part of revolution makes them relevant enough, so they end up helping let a man of virtue worth serving for win the revolution. Therefore king associate his victory to his surroundings and actually witnessed details about how and who let him win. Which gives him pretty good idea about exactly where and how much of the resources are needed to be redistributed, so kings end up establishing longer lasting dynasty than supreme leaders as the result.

I’ll explain my personal interpretation of how hiding intellects who are familiar with how to establish and run dynasty distinguish a man of virtue worth serving for in the context of disinhibition and manifestation of celestial beings.

I already explained that to establish a longer lasting dynasty, one has to produce a movie to be witnessed by the audience and the aesthetic really matters. But what actually differenciates kings and those who concluded to either do nothing or try to come to ruling power only if they can be relevant enough?

When people are given smart option and dumb option, how do you think they will behave? Most people pick smart option. But what happens when most people choose smart option? First of all, the idea of being smart is relative. If most people become smart, it actually means they are average. Therefore smart option officially becomes not-as-smart-as-expected option. On the other hand, the dumb option becomes not-as-dumb-as-expected option because of supply and demand. You can kind of guess the upper-limit of not-as-smart-as-expected option and lower-limit of not-as-dumb-as-expected option. Therefore theoretically it is very difficult to estimate upper-limit of not-as-dumb-as-expected option. For example, someone who plan to make a living by throwing balls as fast and accurate as possible sounds rather dumb. But it is not as unrealistic as many people believe because most people don’t even choose that option. Also, several of these dumb people actually end up becoming pitchers in MLB and will make much better living than those who pick smart option. So dumb sounding people are not as dumb as people may think; they are just more ambitious than most people.

And this story continues. There is the third option which can be naturally derived from the first two given options which is “the option that was not given.” And this third option has the greatest possibility of success among all the options for the following reasons. For examples, suppose that you are playing Rock-paper-scissors while you are only allowed to play rock and scissors. Rational enough people play rock since it can beat scissors one sidedly. You can see the inconvenience of free choice with condition. Rather wise people play paper which is the third option that was not given. Because there was no penalty set for anyone violating the rule, so this was well within prediction-horizon. Or rather, the act of giving someone this free choice with condition is equal to forcing someone to pick the third option while giving them an illusion of real free choice by giving disinhibiting stimulus to let them do so.

Disinhibition is the state of being unable to inhibit impulses or emotions as a reaction to the situation. The patient of disinhibition impulsively react to outside stimulus or fail to control inner desire, so they act according to their instinct. Disinbibiting behavior appears in various life situation, and the contents of it differs from petty ones like lack of manner or politeness to serious ones like illegal actions called antisocial behaviors. And disinhibiting stimulus lead people into such state.

And the third option actually means any possible options other than the first 2 given options. Which means you can throw stone with a sling to the opponent like David did to Goliath while pretending to play paper on rock-paper-scissors. Of course if you actually do this, people talk about how crazy you are, and you will end up wasting the rest of your life. But what if the loss of that particular battle was not able to be compensated even with all of the victory for the rest of his life? In other words, a decisive battle of his life. This situation of being given 2 options of smart option and dumb option is an analogy of life. For majority of people, life seems to be series of choosing smart or dumb options one after another and in actuality it seems that way even from objective point of view. However that is just a mimicked aspect of the reality fabricated from convincing lies designed by ill-intended super intelligence, therefore it paradoxically appears to be well designed disinhibiting stimulus to force those who with superior instinct pick the third option which was not given perhaps due to discomfort coming from uncanny valley.

Therefore real competition happens among those who can choose the third option which was not given. It’s like measuring how intense someone’s suppressed lewdness greed as an animal (lack of vocabulary) is in relevant way. This is how you differentiate candidates for kings from those who logically concluded to either do nothing or try to come to ruling power only if they can be relevant enough.

Those who grew up in democracy believe that the opinions which were shared widely as possible and discussed by many people as possible is the most democratic idea ever therefore misinterpret this opinion being most progressive and superior. However it is obvious that some shrewd people start game of chicken assuming themselves to be the last people trusting their competition’s intelligence to take advantage of the idea that takes advantage of idea that takes advantage of… idea which is shared by most hence most democratic and supposed to be most progressive and superior. Thus any strategies or tactics which can be shared publicly are just a suggestive tip of iceberg and actual secretive esoteric competition happens under water which is much bigger and go deeper than the visible tip of iceberg. And that’s where war or revolution mimicking to be peace takes place.

In the interpretation of world where those who logically concluded to either do nothing or try to come to ruling power only if they can be relevant enough are mimicking to be ordinary people, a man of virtue experience disinhibition. And someone’s disinhibition can be someone else’s manifestation of a celestial being. Manifestation of a celestial being in Buddhism term means that Buddha or Bodhisattva manifest themselves in various shapes to save Sattva. Sattva includes every living creatures which resides in the world of perplexity. Those who logically concluded to either do nothing or try to come to ruling power only if they can be relevant enough help the guy who beat the crap out of everybody through disinhibition see a way to be a king. By showing him how and who helped the king he learns exactly how much and where to redistribute resources therefore he becomes a man of virtue.

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